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Transform your bath into a fragrant paradise with our Vanilla Bath Bomb—a sweet and indulgent escape for your senses. Immerse yourself in the rich and comforting aroma of vanilla, as this luscious bath bomb dissolves, creating an oasis of relaxation in your own tub.


As the bath bomb fizzes away, it releases a burst of vanilla-infused goodness into the water, turning it into a creamy and soothing haven. Enveloped in the gentle embrace of vanilla, your skin is treated to a moisturizing and pampering experience, leaving it soft, silky, and utterly luxurious.


Close your eyes and let the sweet and warm fragrance transport you to a cozy bakery or a comforting moment by the fireplace. Picture yourself surrounded by the comforting aroma of freshly baked vanilla treats, turning your bath time into a sensory journey of relaxation.


Crafted with care and free from harsh chemicals, our Vanilla Bath Bomb is a pure and delightful treat for your skin. Packaged with simplicity and elegance, it's not just a bath bomb but a fragrant escape—a reminder to cherish the art of self-indulgence and to revel in the simple pleasures of a vanilla-infused soak.


Treat yourself to the sweet luxury of our Vanilla Bath Bomb—an invitation to surrender to the soothing scent of vanilla and emerge from your bath with skin that's pampered, perfumed, and absolutely decadent.


Set of 6


Ingredients: Oats, Vanilla Essential Oil, Chamomile, Citric Acid, Arrowroot, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Witch Hazel



Vanilla Bath Bombs

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