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 I am LaKerria, the creator of Royal Klass Boutique, LLC and I'm here to handle all of your customer service needs. Royal Klass Boutique, LLC was established in 2013 and designed to cater to every woman's unique tastes. Over time, that goal expanded to catering to all people, not just women. Every person deserves to feel beautiful and I am here to help. Royal Klass Boutique, LLC is designed to be easily accessible and offer convenience to our diverse customer base.

At Royal Klass Boutique, our mission transcends the ordinary. We strive to redefine the landscape of self-care by providing a curated selection of online body care products that embody the essence of luxury, quality, and holistic well-being. Our commitment is to empower individuals to embrace their own regality, fostering a sense of confidence and beauty from within.


We are dedicated to crafting products that not only nourish the body but also elevate the spirit. Through meticulous research and a passion for excellence, we bring you a range of body care essentials that embody the perfect synergy of nature's goodness and modern skincare innovation.


With Royal Klass Boutique, our mission is to make indulgent self-care accessible to all, transcending the boundaries of time and space through our online platform. We believe that every individual deserves to feel like royalty, and our body care products are designed to make that belief a daily reality.


Welcome to a journey where self-care becomes a ritual, and each Royal Klass Boutique product is a testament to the royal radiance within you.


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