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Royal Klass Boutique, LLC was created  to offer a variety of stylish women’s shoes and clothing to the public. The objective is to assist every individual in expressing themselves while operating within an affordable price range.  Royal Klass Boutique, LLC is designed to be easily accessible and offer convenience to our diverse customer base.

 I am LaKerria, the creator of Royal Klass Boutique, LLC and I'm here to handle all of your customer service needs. Royal Klass Boutique, LLC was established in 2013 and designed to cater to every woman's unique tastes. My goal is to assist women in the best way I know how: creating custom shoes and providing stylish clothing. Over the years I have encountered a lot of women who voiced their clothing and shoe concerns to me. Some women would say that it was hard to find clothes that fit a more curvy frame without showing too much or making them look shapeless all together. No woman likes that feeling. While others would say it is difficult to find attractive, unique and affordable shoes, especially those wearing a size 10 or larger.  So, I decided to take on these challenges. One of my personal favorite requests with this challenge has been custom bridal shoes.  If by chance you see an item that is not in your size but you are still interested please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to accommodate you. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and I am here to help. Body care products came naturally. I have plenty of friends who used to say that they could never find body care products that didn't wear off in a few hours. I decided to rise to the occasion and satisfy that need. 



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