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Transform your bath into a tropical paradise with our Mango Passion Bath Soak—an exotic and invigorating experience that combines the succulent aroma of ripe mangoes with the vibrant allure of passion fruit. Immerse yourself in the refreshing and fruity oasis of this luxurious bath soak.


Key Features:

1. Tropical Fusion Aroma: Indulge your senses in the luscious combination of mango and passion fruit. Our Mango Passion Bath Soak is a sensorial journey that transports you to a sun-drenched tropical paradise, surrounded by the sweet and tangy scents of these exotic fruits.


2. Fruity Infusion: Experience the fruity infusion of mango and passion fruit essence into the bath soak. The essence releases its invigorating aroma, creating a refreshing and visually vibrant atmosphere that enhances your overall bath experience.


3. Mineral-Rich Blend: Crafted with care, our bath soak includes a blend of mineral-rich salts that promote relaxation and help soothe tired muscles. Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, and Dead Sea salt work together to create a nourishing and therapeutic soak.


4. Hydrating Oils: Indulge in the hydrating benefits of botanical oils in our bath soak. Ingredients like sweet almond oil or jojoba oil nourish your skin, leaving it feeling soft and velvety-smooth after your bath.



  • Tropical Escape: The exotic aroma of mango and passion fruit turns your bath into a tropical escape, creating a moment of indulgence and relaxation.
  • Visual Delight: The infusion of fruity essence adds a visually vibrant element to your bath, enhancing the overall sensory experience.
  • Relaxation and Hydration: The mineral-rich blend and hydrating oils work together to relax your body and hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and pampered.


Usage: Add a generous amount of the Mango Passion Bath Soak to warm running water. Allow the salts to dissolve, releasing the tropical fragrance and creating a visually vibrant bath. Immerse yourself in the luxurious soak, breathe in the invigorating aroma, and let the cares of the day melt away.


Experience the Tropical Bliss: Treat yourself to the blissful and exotic experience of our Mango Passion Bath Soak—an invitation to immerse yourself in the refreshing and fruity fragrances, creating a spa-like experience that transports you to a tropical paradise. Because self-care should be a delightful and invigorating journey, leaving you rejuvenated and ready for whatever comes next.


Ingredients: Rock Salt, Epsom Salt, Green Tea, Coconut Oil, Mango Essential Oil, Passion Fruit Essential Oil, Tea Tree, Dried Fruit



Mango Passion Bath Soak

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