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The "He's a Keeper" Gift Set is a carefully curated collection designed to celebrate the special men in your life. This thoughtfully crafted set combines practical and indulgent items for a well-rounded and delightful gifting experience.


-Body Wash (8oz)

-Facial Cleanser (3oz)

-Cleansing Body Scrub(4oz)

-Body Butter (8oz)

-Beard Balm (1oz)

-Lip Balm (5.5mL)


Perfect Gift for:

  • Boyfriends and Husbands: Ideal for expressing love and appreciation for the significant other in your life.
  • Dads and Grandfathers: A thoughtful gift for fathers and grandfathers, showing gratitude for their love and guidance.
  • Male Friends: Perfect for celebrating friendships and expressing admiration for the qualities that make him a great friend.


Celebrate Him in Style: Treat the special man in your life to the "He's a Keeper" Gift Set—an invitation to celebrate his style, comfort, and indulgence. Because the men who are keepers deserve a thoughtful  acknowledgment of their importance in your life.

He's A Keeper Gift Set

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