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Our "Glow Up" Gift Set is a curated collection designed to help you or a loved one shine and radiate confidence. Elevate your beauty routine and embrace the glow with these carefully selected products that enhance your natural radiance and leave you feeling empowered.


-Body Wash (8oz)

-Cleansing Body Scrub(4oz)

-Body Butter(4oz)

-Facial Cleanser (4oz)

-Shimmer Oil (1oz)

-Lip Balm (3mL)

-Cuticle Oil



  • Holistic Glow: The set offers a holistic approach to glowing up, from radiant skincare to luminous makeup and a confidence-boosting fragrance.
  • Empowering Experience: Each product is crafted to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence, creating a transformative and empowering experience.
  • Perfect Gift: An ideal gift for those looking to enhance their beauty routine, boost their confidence, or celebrate a special occasion.


Perfect Gift for:

  • Beauty Enthusiasts: Ideal for individuals who love experimenting with skincare, makeup, and fragrances to enhance their beauty.
  • Celebrations and Milestones: A perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, or any occasion where you want to help someone feel special and confident.
  • Self-Care Advocates: Thoughtful for those who prioritize self-care and want to add a touch of luxury to their routine.


Experience the Glow-Up: Treat yourself or a loved one to the "Glow Up" Gift Set—an invitation to embrace your natural radiance, boost your confidence, and shine from the inside out. Because every day is an opportunity to glow up and show up with confidence.


Please note that the facial cleanser, shimmer oil, cuticle oil and lip balm have a standard natural scent. 

**For External Use Only**

Glow Up Gift Set

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