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Our "Sample Sensations" Gift Set is an assortment of mini delights that introduces you to a world of sensory indulgence. This curated collection offers a taste of our best-selling products, allowing you to experience a variety of scents and textures for a delightful and pampering self-care journey.


-1 Body Butter (4oz)

-1 Hand Sanitizer (1.5oz)

-1 Lip Balm (5.5mL)



  • Variety of Experiences: The set provides a variety of scents and textures, allowing you to explore and find your favorite self-care rituals.
  • Perfect Introduction: Ideal for those new to our products or anyone looking to experience a range of delightful sensations.
  • Travel-Friendly: The mini sizes are perfect for on-the-go indulgence, making it easy to carry a variety of self-care treats with you.


Perfect Gift for:

  • Self-Explorers: Ideal for individuals who love to explore different scents and textures in their self-care routine.
  • Travel Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who are always on the go and appreciate travel-sized indulgences.
  • Gift of Discovery: A thoughtful gift for someone special who deserves a sampling of delightful experiences.


Experience the Delight of Discovery: Treat yourself or a loved one to the "Sample Sensations" Gift Set—an invitation to explore a variety of scents and textures, because self-care is all about discovering what brings you joy. Every day is an opportunity to indulge in delightful sensations and create a personalized self-care routine.



**For External Use Only**

Sample Gift Set

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